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   4 December 2016   

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The tenth anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre

10 July 2005

On July 11th ten years will be completed since the massive massacre of 8,000 civilians in Srebrenica organized by the regime of Milosevic and its followers in Bosnia, Mladic and Karadjic. This was not the only atrocity, it was preceded by others (Vucovar, Goradze) as well as the long siege of Serajevo that cost 11,000 dead. Croatians and Muslims also committed war crimes and now account for them before the International Criminal Tribune at The Hague.

But the massacre of civilians in Srebrenica symbolizes the absolute terror and characterizes the regime which committed it. Aimed at ethnic cleansing and organized cold-bloodedly, it is the worst mass-killing in Europe after the WWII that the international community did not prevent despite its promises to protect the population.

‘The tragedy of Srebrenica will always haunt us. Our responsibilities are huge. [] With our huge errors and our incapability of comprehending the amplitude of evil, we failed at protecting the citizens of Srebrenica who were faced with organized slaughter by the Serbian forces’ declared the Secretary General of UN Kofi Anan ‘What happened in Srebrenica is a shame. Shame that needs to remembered by all Europeans’ had said the then president of Commission Jacques Delors. Bearing its responsibilities because its peace troops left the civilians of Srebrenica unprotected in the hands of their executioners, the Dutch government resigned in 2002.

Contrary to what happened elsewhere, in the rest of the world and in particular in the rest of Europe, in Greece public opinion was misinformed and uncritically placed in a common psychological front with the criminal regime of Milosevic, under the pretext of Orthodoxy, the traditional Greek-Serbian friendship and alleged “anti-imperialism.” Not only this. Greek ‘volunteers’ (their public confessions have been published) have fought in Bosnia with Karadzic and Mladic and raised the Greek flag –dishonoring it– in Srebrenica at the moment of the carnage.

The Greek State has the obligation to apologize publicly to the families of the 8,000 slaughtered and to call for the indictment of the Greek ‘volunteers’ who were accomplices in the crime as well as the supposedly ‘unknown’ people who manipulated them. We demand this.

The declaration is signed by 163 academics, journalists and other personalities including 5 politicians. Their names are available in the Greek version of the appeal (http://cm.greekhelsinki.gr/uploads/2005_files/ghm713_on_greek_appeal_on_srebrenica_greek.doc).

/2005_files/ghm713_on_greek_appeal_on_srebrenica_english.docghm713_on_greek_appeal_on_srebrenica_english.doc 27.00 KB 10.07.2005 14:15
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