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   4 December 2016   

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Press release

16 05 2005

Inhuman refusal of entry and denaturalization of ethnic Macedonians in

The Greek government continues to denaturalize members of the Macedonian minority in
Greece who as economic immigrants reside mainly in transoceanic countries. This occurs during the past decades.

The Greek Authorities selectively implement law 3370, article 20 par. 1G (Greek law for Citizenship), mainly against ethnic Macedonians (economical immigrants) who are active as members of Macedonian associations and express their Macedonian cultural, linguistic and national identity.

The ethnic Macedonians are informed about the Greek's State decision only when they try to enter
Greece, temporarily or for repatriation. Denaturalized individuals are at the same time declared as undesirable in Greece (persona non grata) and no entrance in the country is allowed, even for humantiarian reasons.

Recently (07 05 2005) Mr. George Mishalis tried to enter
Greece in order to be present at his father funeral in his native village Meliti / Voshtarani in Florina / Lerin. For the last years, Mr. Mishalis has been living and working in Melbourne, Australia.

Greek border police authorities prohibited his entry, according to the above-mentioned decision.

Its trully unbelievable that in year 2005 and in a so-called modern European country as Greece, one cannot attend his/her relative's funeral or the burrial of his/her father, only because one has publicly expressed an ethnic identity that is not Greek.

EFA- Rainbow was also recently informed about the denaturalization the Also of one more Macedonian.

Mr. Chris Gagatsis was declared "undesirable" in
Greece according to the same law (3370 article 20 par. 1G)

Mr. Gagatsis' place of birth is village Alritas / Buf, Florina / Lerin

Over the past decades, Greek Governments have never given any data on the numbers of denaturalized Macedonians. The victims of this policy are simply notified about it upon their arrival to Greek border stations, exactly as it happened in the 2 cases mentined above.

This inhuman and racial discrimination against George Misalis and Chris Gagatsis but also against other Macedonian economic immigrants, the refusal of repatriation rights for thousands of Macedonian political refugees that left their birthplaces during the civil war (1946-1949**), the continuous refusal to grant any rights for the Macedonian minority in Greece and the discrimination in terms of ethnic, cultural and linguistic diversity prove for yet another time that there is a deficit of democracy in our country.

According to the
Greek State, there is no ethnic Macedonian minority in the country. If this is the case, then we simply wonder who the "target" of these measures is.

EFA- Rainbow denounces the continuous racist and inhuman treatment that the Greek government holds in store for the ethnic Macedonian minority in
Greece and will inform about the above incidents all the international organizations involved in the protection of Human Rights

EFA-Rainbow also calls all the Greek democrats to support our fight for a trully democratic and european Greece.

The political Secretariat


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